FICE Europe

FICE Europe is a network of European members of FICE International.
FICE Europe works together for the best interest of vulnerable children in Europe!

Mission - our "dream" (WHY)

Children in Europe live in good  enough conditions for growing up and education,
Children live in their own family or a good alternative. Children are included in society.
Children and families with special needs have the possibility to be supported by well educated professionals.


All over Europe, children are growing up under very different conditions. For most of the children the conditions are good enough.
The International Pact for The rights of children is a good guidance with 40 articles that are important for children. FICE Europe agrees fully with this Pact.
But  poverty, violence and abuse, lack of safety,  medical care, education or parental care, are items that still  exist all over Europe.
Because of their age children are vulnerable. They are at risk  when they have to live in a bad situation with sometimes stacking conditions.
These children need protection and support to grow up more healthy and with perspective.
FICE Europe wants to work together with all European countries to strengthen the situation of children all over Europe, espacially children with special needs.


We will do it by:
* bring together European countries in the FICE network
* share knowledge, research and literature
* support each other by seminars, training, coaching on the job
* to work together in European projects
* to give a voice to European children
* to influence European Union in the policy of social work
* to connect to other European organisations working in this field, to strengthen eachother


Every European country that is a member of FICE International can be a member of FICE Europe.
* to participate in how we want to do it
* to make a strong European network
* to bring and pick up
* to broaden your horizon
* to work together on an agenda of important items


gg34   Gitta Griffioen, president FICE Europe

Board members

According to the Board Meeting of FICE Europe May 6th 2015 and the extraordinary GA general assembly of FICE-Europe held on the 15th October in Sofia, the board members are:

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Who we are

FICE - International Organization engaged in Child and youth care work, Alternative care, residential child care, out of home and family care, social and educative support settings, child protection and child's rights.

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About FICE-Europe

FICE is a large international forum and network, founded 1948 under the auspices of UNESCO. It is a non-governmental organization maintaining consultative status with UNESCO, the Council of Europe and UNICEF and ECOSOC. FICE-Europe was founded by member countries of the Council of Europe in 1997, October 9th in Erfurt (Germany) according to the French law from 1901, July 1st and having the agreement and support of the Federal Council of FICE International ( It’s full name is: Fédération Internationale des Communautés Educatives – Europe (FICE Europe)

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International Federation of Educative Communities – Europe

Fédération Internationale des Communautés Educatives - Europe

F I C E Internationale Gesellschaft für erzieherische Hilfen - Europa

International Federation of Educative Communities – Europe

Child and youth care work

Alternative care

- residential child care

- out of home and family care

- social and educative support settings

- child protection and child's rights

FICE Europe Network


- For special events
- Actions for children at risk 

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